Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer 2014 - busy times indeed!

The is a recap of our summer adventures!  The weather made the sailing trip fantastic - warm water in Desolation Sound = daily swimming.......we were 6 weeks on board Puffin.....visited all of our favourite spots again this year, and met up with a few old  friends and made a few new ones too.

Photos are the best to describe what we have been up to all summer - 

July started with a family reunion/birthday celebration - some milestone birthdays this year. 8 cousins of my generation joined us, pretty good considering there are only 14 of us! Aunt Pat represented the 'older' generation and and our 'kids' got to know each other a little better.

bacci ball - a little competitive game with these boys


 gathered around the fire pit with Aunt Pat telling stories of the past

hanging out after dinner - I agree with Marina, it's the best part of the day.

Later in July we headed out on Puffin for a trip to Desolation Sound - the weather forcast for the summer was looking very good! 

 Underway in Desolation sound, the scenery is so beautiful!

At anchor in Laura Cove - note the rocky bluff behind Puffin...

 The view from my nap in the cockpit!

Hiking in the forest!               

Those were the typical days we spent while cruising the area.  Next are a few highlights!

Remember I asked you to note the rocky bluff - well this was our morning coffee view from the boat! Mr. Bear on the rocky bluff, then wandering on the shore and munching on salal berries.
 You will have to look very closely at this photo - the spouts you see in the centre are from the orcas that swam by while we were anchored, 5 killer whales right under and around us!  So exciting the camera was the last thing we were thinking - a very special moment.

A little Otter taking a rest after fishing.

Breakfast time!  Racoons digging for clams.

The Shark Spit Regatta!  Yes, we did it with Puffin!  This regatta is on the full moon in August every year - this was our second attempt.....six years ago we were a 'Did Not Finish' .... our new sails made all the difference I am sure.

Skippers Meeting on the beach.

John setting sails just after the start -  we are only a little behind the fleet!  of about 30 boats.

Fierce competition!

 Rounding the first mark! Very challenging with no wind....everyone made it....finally...

Here is Puffin rounding the second mark!

Last leg - almost at the finish line - you only see 4 in the photo but there were actually 5 boats behind us, yay, no last place for us!

After the race, pot luck dinner on the beach - what a crowd.

Dinner served on an overturned dinghy of course.

John's famous sunset pictures!  These are taken from Lund harbour marina.

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